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5 Qualities to Seek in Your Commercial Print Provider

Last Updated: February 24, 2024


An excellent commercial print service — like any other vendor you work with — will make all the difference in your organization. This piece covers five key elements of a great print services provider including cost, quality, and the value of outstanding customer service.

5 Qualities to Consider in a Commercial Printing Partner


Business printing equipment and consumable supplies are not cheap. If you’re thinking about switching to a digital printing service for the first time, remember the continuing investment in ink, paper, toner, drums, and so on.

When you keep print jobs in-house there are scheduling, shipping, and delivery costs to consider, not to mention the risk of pilferage.

Research suggests that nearly 40% of employees steal from work. That number is hard to qualify because unscrupulous employees who steal probably aren’t honest about it That percentage is probably higher.

Ultimately, switching to the right commercial printing partner might save you more than you think! You need to compare prices closely and be aware of delivery costs.

Print Product Quality

When selecting a print service you must examine their work first. Look closely at edges and color saturation. Ask them to do a test print for you.

  • A savvy sales rep will only bring the best showpieces for you to view, so ask questions like:
  • Do they use the latest equipment?
  • Can they achieve your brand colors?
  • Are they printing digitally or in an offset press?
  • Both systems can produce quality materials, but each has pros and cons (and that’s a blog for another day).
  • Ask a sales rep to explain which method would be better for your business and why.

This leads nicely into our next concept — experienced staff.

Experienced Consultants

Like everything else in the realm of marketing and communications, printing technology changes rapidly. Before signing any contracts with a commercial print house, ask questions like:

  • Will your account manager know about the latest advances in business printing?
  • Can they provide you with guidance?
  • Does this commercial printer even offer an account manager relationship?
  • What is their communication style?
  • When you have questions, how soon can you expect a response?

A good account rep can make knowledgeable recommendations about your print jobs’ materials, sizes, and logistics. Your organization can save time and money without sacrificing quality! The account manager relationship is crucial in this industry. It’s all about customer service.


No vendor relationship comes without customer service situations. The right print services provider will be able to meet your deadlines and handle rush jobs when they’re unavoidable. Does this company have a quality control department? What happens if there is a mistake after you’ve approved a proof?

And finally, there is a commercial printer’s reputation to consider.


When vetting a print services provider, ask them about their reputation and experience. You’re putting your brand’s reputation in this printer’s hands, so be sure they have a history of delivering quality work on time.

You can ask for references and testimonials, but a savvy sales rep will only offer you the most glowing responses. Perform some due diligence of your own. Do some searches on the internet and verify their standings with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

If your organization is a government contractor or subcontractor (or would like to become one), it helps if your commercial printer is certified as minority-owned, woman-owned, or veteran-owned, too.

In sum, your choice of a commercial printing partner should be a thoughtful, well-considered decision. Remember to discuss cost, quality, and customer service.

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