9 Reasons to Use Direct Mass Mailing for Business Marketing

Last Updated: April 2, 2024

Mass mailings are a reliable way for businesses to reach new customers, increase sales, and promote their goods and services. Despite the rise of digital ads, direct mail sent to business and residential addresses still outperforms email. According to one analysis, email marketing responses average around 23.5%. Paper mailers yield 30%. Clearly, print is not dead.

Businesses can prepare mass mailings in-house using new or existing staff and send them through the post office. Or, businesses can hire a professional direct mail marketing company to wholly outsource the process. There are endless options for letters, postcards, booklets, and custom mail pieces of all sizes, shapes, types, and quantities. A good mass mailing pro can help you design, plan, and send an efficient and cost-effective high-quality mass mailing campaign. Here are the nine best reasons to add mass mailings to your business marketing strategy:

1. Mass Mailings are Cost-Effective

Direct mass mailing campaigns allow you to reach prospective clients and customers for a few cents each. Even a lean budget of a few hundred dollars can target thousands of new consumers. This, in turn, can generate dozens or hundreds of potential sales. That is a far lower average cost than most lead services.

Mass mailings also widely increase your visibility and name recognition. Everyone who receives your physical mailpiece learns who you are for a very low price. The benefits of a mass mailer campaign almost always greatly exceed their costs. This economic advantage is especially noticeable when compared to other options.

2. Mass Mailers are Completely Customizable

You have total control over your mass mailing campaign, and you can be as creative as you want. You can include almost any text, graphic, design, media, or small promotional item in your direct mass mailer. This lets you perfectly tailor your campaign around your company’s goals and branding.

When you create a direct mass mailer campaign you control the message and how it’s sent. Mailings can include booklets, small gifts, promotional items, and whatever you want to share with your recipients. A direct mass mailing is the perfect way to leave a unique, lasting impression on your target audience.

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3. Mass Mailings are Accurate and Precise

Direct mass mailings allow businesses to decide exactly what kind of materials to send and at what time. Businesses can send mass mailings door-to-door, blanketing every house in a town or community. Or, businesses can send mailings only to select addresses and specific consumers.

You can create custom mailing lists from in-house client records, purchased lists, or from private and public resources. Direct mass mailer campaigns can target cities, specific individuals, multi-unit buildings, and businesses or residential addresses. Mailers can also reach potential clients, customers, and consumers in key datasets or with specific characteristics.

4. Mass Mailers are Traceable and Measurable

Because direct mail marketing allow you to pick your audience, you can easily track your response rates, sales, and return on investment. Record your indicators before, during, and after a mass mailing campaign to note its effect on your revenue, profit, and performance.

You can also directly ask clients if they’ve received any mailings, advertisements, or incentives from you. You can also include unique codes, coupons, discounts, and select offers in your mass mailers to help attract new business. Specific messages and promotions also allow you to trace the effects of a given campaign, if your clients use or mention them in their response.

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5. Mass Mailings are Fast, Agile, and Scalable

A direct mass mailer is very quick to set up and easy to scale. A mailing list, a striking design, printed media or envelopes, an assistant to pack, and some paperwork and a check for the post office are all you need. You can send a direct mass mailing campaign that reaches mailboxes within a few days of the initial project conception. As a result, mass mailers allow businesses to swiftly adjust their marketing strategies. This means that new mailings can quickly adapt to new goals and business challenges.

To scale or repeat a campaign, you can always print, label, pack, and send more mail pieces. If larger campaigns are too much for you to handle, outsource to a professional mass mailer. Most of these one-stop shops can prepare mailing lists, print materials, sort, and label, and handle all post office issues. Always remember that a professional mailer is a great business resource and partner. A good mass mailer can usually prepare and scale your mass mailing campaign much more quickly and efficiently than the in-house staff of an average business.

6. Mass Mailings are Convenient and Efficient

Unlike typical business methods for generating leads, sales, and contacts such as cold-calling, networking, or traditional advertising – mass mailings are highly automated. This means mailings require little additional cost or effort once they’re set up. After you finish your mailing list and design, it’s easy to scale a single mail piece into a campaign that reaches thousands of addresses.

You can also prepare and adjust mass mailings without affecting existing business operations. Additionally, you can observe results and changes in real-time with only a few days of turn-around. As you can see, direct mass mailers provide accurate feedback and full control over marketing efforts, without requiring large amounts of time or attention.

7. Direct Mass Mailers Have Physical Staying Power

Unlike email, direct mass mailings put a physical item into your consumers’ hands and home. An eye-catching piece of mail, large coupon, or small gift is also harder to discard or “delete” than an annoying email that goes straight to your spam box.

If people like the design of your letter, flyer, booklet, or coupon they may hang it up on their fridge. Since it looks nice, it’ll remind them to patronize your business. If you give them a small gift like a pen, calendar, or magnet they may likewise choose to keep it and remember you. Even if people don’t contact you immediately, the physical items you send them will remain in their home longer than a deleted voicemail or email.

8. Direct Mass Mailers are Versatile

Mass Mailings work for almost every type of business. From local grocers to chain retailers, to nonprofit organizations and multinational B2B tech services – anyone can send mail to their target consumer. The efficient, custom nature of mailers ensures that you can tailor each campaign to suit any business goal or brand.

So, next time you check the mail, see what other people are sending you! Odds are you’ll find some great designs and ideas for your direct mass-mail campaign.

9. Direct Mass Mailings Work!

The best reason to use direct mass mailings in your business is that they work! Despite the rise of digital marketing people still check (and keep) their mail. A physical piece of well-designed direct mail shows new customers you’re a reputable firm. Tasteful mailers also let clients know you value them enough to send them a quality ad.


In conclusion, direct mass mailing is a helpful marketing tool for any business. For added proof, consider the following statistics. According to Business News Daily, 77% of businesses said that direct mail resulted in a good or very good response rate. And 66% said that adding direct mail into a multichannel approach resulted in a good or very good ROI. Clearly, if people like you and what you send them, they’ll contact you for goods and services sooner or later. So add a well-planned direct mass mailing into your business marketing strategy. And enjoy the new sales and successes!