Two women exchanging business cards at a networking event

Do I Still Need Business Cards in 2024?

Last Updated: February 24, 2024

In the digital age, carrying around a stack of tiny, printed cards with your name and contact information might seem archaic. But it’s not. Business cards still have a place in today’s world, and you can improve your professional image and get the word out about your business using this affordable tool.

Here are some reasons business cards are still relevant and how they can help you and your brand:

1) Professionalism & Convenience

If you don’t have business cards, what do you do when someone asks for your contact information? Do you ask them to take out their cell phone and type it in? Or do you scramble around, looking disorganized and foolish, unable to find a pen and paper? The first option makes you seem like you’re putting extra work on a potential client, and the second makes you look unprepared.

Neither is a great look for someone trying to convey professionalism and as we all learn at an early age, first impressions matter. If you have business cards ready to hand out, all you have to do is reach into your pocket or wallet, hand one over, shake hands, and know you might have just gained a new business connection.

Whether you’re attending a networking event or introducing yourself to someone new, having a physical business card can lend credibility and demonstrate your commitment to the particular field of business that you are in.

2) They’re a Regular Reminder & Leave an Impression

When people are looking for a service, their first instinct is to turn to the internet. But it’s very easy for you and your business to get lost in the overload of Google results, no matter how strong your SEO strategy is. Business cards can help you overcome this hurdle by being a constant reminder of your name, business, and service.

How many times have you taken a business card, only to put it in your wallet and leave it there, seeing it every time you open it? Or toss it on your desk and see it whenever you glance away from your computer? Probably quite often.

When people do this with your business card, your name become more familiar. Then, when they need your services, they will either turn to you first or, when they do a Google search, your name and business will stick out and give them a reason to click on your website instead of the others.

3) Networking & Advertising Opportunities

Having physical business cards has advantages for networking events. It can make it easier to establish connections and exchanges with others by eliminating the need for a prolonged conversation about contact information exchange. Business cards allow you to get straight to networking without any awkward pauses.

Business cards are also useful at networking events beyond allowing you to exchange contact information. They can also be used as a point of conversation or to break up some awkwardness.

There are also countless opportunities to leave business cards and take advantage of free advertising, such as the community board at your local coffee shop.

Many local businesses still have fishbowls that invite business people to drop their cards in to win a prize. While winning free food is always nice, the benefit of having business cards to drop in these fishbowls extends beyond the dietary benefits. Companies in need of services or expertise often want to find local businesses to collaborate with.

By dropping your business card in their fishbowl or on countertops, you’re showing them that you are a customer familiar with their business and already steps ahead of the competition. Small businesses need services for everything from landscaping to construction to marketing. It’s a lot easier to go with someone they know than to do a long search for the right partner.

Drop a business card into a fishbowl and you might land more than a free sandwich – you might land a new client!


In conclusion, having business cards in 2024 is still important for networking and building relationships. Although digital contact information exchange has become commonplace, physical business cards remain an important tool for introducing yourself to potential customers, partners, or employers. Investing in quality business cards can help you make lasting impressions and take advantage of advertising opportunities that digital contact information won’t provide. Therefore, having business cards will still be beneficial in the coming years.

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