9 Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing Brochures

Last Updated: November 21, 2023

If you are looking for a great way to campaign, then direct mail brochures are a great way to get started. Whether you are sending closed envelope mailings or a postcard, direct mail marketing is sure to help you to sell. 

Direct Mail Brochures with Pictures Sell

One of the main benefits of direct mail brochures over a direct mail letter campaign is that the photographs that you find in the direct mail brochures really do sell. People are less interested in letters, which take them time to read. Direct mail brochures are easier to read because they are broken up into small sections, but the primary selling point is the photographs or graphics that you can include in your direct mail brochures. 

The photos in a direct mail campaign are what really sell your product. The customers or potential customers who receive some of your direct mail brochures will open them up to give a quick scan of the contents. If what they see does not interest them, then they will get rid of your mailing. Your direct mail brochure campaign depends on catching their interest, and you can do that with striking imagery throughout your entire brochure. 

The imagery in your direct mail brochures should convey as much of what your business is about as possible, providing the customer with a good idea of what you are advertising and portraying it in the best possible light. Color is vital, and interesting photography or graphics will sell what you are selling much more reliably than the words in the brochure. The goal is to have the images sell the product; the words just tell them where to send the check.

Direct Mail Brochures can be Mailed in Bulk

You can enclose your brochures in a closed envelope to protect them or just send a self-mailer, which is a mailing that is self-contained and does not require an envelope. These brochures can be mailed in huge packets that the post office will pick up and mail as bulk mail. You can save a lot of money by ensuring that your direct mail brochures are mailed in a large group to get the best direct mail bulk discount on your mailings. 

These discounts can allow you to use more of your advertising budget on other things, or you can even use the money that you will save by mailing your direct mail brochures as bulk mail to mail out a larger number of direct mail brochures. If you are interested in using bulk mail, you should visit the USPS website to learn all about bulk mail and how it can be done. 

Your branch of the USPS will appreciate your making the mailings easier to handle, and they will gladly discount your bulk mailing for you as a result.  You will be able to save money on your direct mail brochures and their postage, and you can hopefully use these brochures to pull in even more traffic to your store or business.

The Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) program from USPS enables businesses to cut mailing costs by receiving a bulk mailing discount. Click here for additional information.

It’s Easy to Order Direct Mail Brochures Online

If you are unsure about where to get direct mail brochures, then you should turn to the internet for some of the easiest and cheapest ways to get direct mail brochures printed to order at a great price.  You can get great deals online from printing companies like The Printed Image, including deals on bulk orders of direct mail brochures.  These brochures are printed professionally at a variety of sites which are all focused on helping you with your marketing campaign. 

A company that prints direct mail brochures is one that understands your needs for high-quality brochures.  They will be able to bring you a high gloss brochure in full color at a reasonable price.  Online direct mail brochure printing companies may even offer you extra features like scratch-off sections for your brochures.  Upload your own photos or potentially even use graphics provided by the printing company to save yourself time. 

Depending on the service that you use, you may be able to get assistance on creating the perfect layout for your direct mail brochures, or the company may just use a standard layout or ask you to choose a layout.  Ordering direct mail brochures online is quick and easy, and you can have your brochures ready for mailing in a week or less depending on your order.  Big or small, online printing is perfect for your direct mail brochure campaign.

The Format of Direct Mail Brochures is Great for Sales

When you are selling something, it is important to offer information to your customers in a format that they will appreciate.  You can use direct mail brochures to offer information to your customers because this format is a great one for making sales and for gaining interest in your products or services. 

Keep in mind that direct mail brochures are not catalogs, and they will not provide information on every aspect of your company’s products or services.  Instead, you can use direct mail brochures to highlight a specific area of expertise, like a specific kind of loan that you offer or a particular product that you want to promote.  You can use direct mail brochures to highlight a location for a trip or conference or to bring attention to a specific aspect of a city. 

Your direct mail brochures are a perfect way to catch and hold the attention of the public.  It is easy to get drawn in to direct mail brochures because of the pictures and graphics that are present, and for this reason, the pictures and graphics are possibly the most important part of the direct mail brochures.  Once the attention of the customer has been snared, it is time to reel them in with information.  Information in direct mail brochures should be sectioned out with no more than two paragraphs to a section, and lots of bullets to keep the interest of the reader, and to keep direct mail brochures perfect for your sales needs.

You can Strengthen Relations with your Customers with Direct Mail Brochures

You may have lots of customers, but if your customers are not ready to come back again and again and recommend your company to their family and friends, there is something wrong with the way that you are doing business.  Your customers should be a high priority, and customer loyalty can make or break a business. 

One easy way to strengthen existing relations with your customers is to use a direct mail brochure campaign to highlight some of the features of your business.  If you contact your customers to let them know about a special benefit, free service, or other special detail that they did not already know about your company, they will be grateful to you and their interest in your company will be renewed. 

There is a saying that things that are out of sight are out of mind.  The reverse is true as well, and if you keep yourself and your company in sight, you can keep it in mind as well to help your customers remain loyal to your business by reminding them that you are here and that you give back to them. 

Direct Mail Brochures can Help you Attract New Customers

If you are concerned about the ability to attract new customers to your business, then consider the effectiveness of direct mail brochures.  These special brochures are perfect for attracting new business because they are easy to hold, easy to read, large enough not to get lost in the clutter, and bright enough to be of interest in a pile of letters and black and white print. 

If you are interested in using direct mail brochures to make an impact on your customer base, then you need to know that photos are one of the most important things you can have to show potential customers what you can offer them.  Show, don’t tell is an important idea with direct mail brochures.  You should also make sure that your contact information is highly visible right on the front page so that new customers can act on the information right away.  Let your customers know who you are talking to (for example, “this offer is perfect for parents of young children…”), and keep your information in very short, readable clumps. 

Using direct mail brochures to build your client base is a wise investment!

Direct Mail Brochure Campaigns are Easy

There are only a couple of things that you have to do to run a successful direct mail brochure campaign.  You must have addresses to which to send the brochures, you must have interesting and readable brochures, and you must address and mail the brochures.  There are several ways to mail the brochures, including a closed envelope mailing, a postcard mailing, or a different kind of self mailer. 

Buying the brochure is as easy as signing on to the internet and searching for a direct mail brochure printer.  This kind of company does specialized printing, and will offer options like glossy paper and full color that you wouldn’t be able to do a good job with if you were to try printing your direct mail brochures on your own machines. 

Finally, getting mailing lists for direct mail brochure campaigns is easy.  You can buy them from many magazine companies or on the internet, but the best place to get a mailing list may be your own printing company!  You can even use mailing lists and your own customer base as the target list for your direct mail brochures.  The hardest part may just be printing all of those addresses!

Direct Mail Brochures are Cost-Effective

If you are interested in using direct mail brochures as your next targeted marketing strategy but are unsure about the cost-effectiveness of this marketing option, then consider that you will be selling a great product or service with these direct mail brochures, generating many leads, and that you can get a set of direct mail brochures for as little as around ten cents per brochure and direct mail postcards for as little as five cents each. 

These costs obviously add up when you buy in bulk, but the price is still less, and often goes down depending on the number that you buy.  The more direct mail brochures you purchase, the less you will actually pay per brochure.  If what you are selling is around five to six hundred dollars, you may be able to recoup an entire 5,000 brochure printing with a single sale. 

You will, of course, have to factor in the postage for your direct mail brochures when you count the costs, but a few leads generated is well worth the money that you will pay for your direct mail brochures, making them a great option for snail mail marketing. 

Direct Mail Brochures are Better than Letters

Direct mail brochures are even better than letters to send out to customers and potential customers.  With people as busy as they are, few people bother to actually sit down and spend time reading a long letter from a company anymore.  In fact, many people look at letters only long enough to determine that it is not a bill before they throw it away. 

You can get around this problem by providing the customer with something that will interest them.  A direct mail brochure campaign can give you that level of interest by providing your customers with something interesting to look at.  Instead of a page of black and white, perhaps with the occasional phrase highlighted, your customers will be looking at full color direct mail brochures, with wonderful pictures that practically do the selling for you. 

Short paragraphs and tidbits of information will help you to complete the sale, providing your customers with a short and easy way to get the information without the fluff.  A successful direct mail campaign is conducted with color and interest, not with black and white pages.  Using direct mail brochures for your next marketing campaign is a great way to help you boost sales.  

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