Starting a Postcard Marketing Campaign

Last Updated: September 10, 2023

Postcards date back to the early years of the postal system. Back then, pictures of places, homes, people, and events were shared with loved ones and friends through postcards. Personal and institutional postcard collections even captured important moments in history. Now, design technology has made pictures even more vibrant and today the postcard remains an eye-catching way of reaching out to people and sharing exciting news.

With the resilience of the postcard, it is not surprising that it has also become a marketing tool. While postcard marketing works, ensuring a successful campaign involves thorough preparation.

1. Make an attractive offer.

Accessible location, convenient amenities, new products or services, and ways to save on cost are sure to draw the interest of customers. Your offer is the foundation of your postcard marketing campaign. Be sure to have a solid and striking offer that is worth the money, effort, and time of your customers.

2. Communicate a clear and direct message.

Topnotch service quality or 25% markdown on selected items are easy to understand. Address all postcards to each recipient and include a personalized note, preferably handwritten, to make a greater impact.

3. Have a well-designed postcard.

Play with different fonts, font sizes, layouts, and paper types. Include your business logo or name for easy recognition. Use postcard size and paper thickness that is large enough to contain your message but small enough to be handy, usually 3.5″ by 5″ or 4.25″ by 6″ postcard size and .007″ to .25″ paper thickness.

4. Send the postcard to a target group.

Deliver postcards by hand to potential customers. Deliver postcards by hand or through courier to existing customers.

A professional direct mail marketing company like The Printed Image can help you with the list-purchasing process.

5. Monitor outcomes.

Count the number of postcards presented as coupons. Have store personnel ask customers how they learned about the marketing offer.

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