Professional Marketing Brochure Design

Need the perfect marketing piece to hand out at trade shows or give to potential customers? That perfect piece of marketing material that captures attention and engages your target audience? From leave-behinds, in-store offers, menus, product overviews, mailers, sales sheets, mini presentations, spec documents, and more — brochures are dynamic and can be the perfecting marketing piece for a variety of scenarios. 

Even as digital marketing has picked up, a professionally designed brochure remains a key part of the marketing mix and can make the difference between providing a tangible sign of your company’s credibility and leaving a potential customer empty handed. 

Tri-fold brochure example for ABC Company

Benefits of Marketing Brochures

  • Build Credibility. A brochure shows that you mean business. It goes beyond the basic contact information included on a business card and includes more detailed content that shows you are real and ready to do business. 
  • Communicate Effectively. Brochures are small but large enough to relay important information, introduce new products or services, detail a specific initiative, and more. However they are used, brochures allow businesses to pack a lot of information into a relatively small place. 
  • Easy to Distribute. Whether you’re distributing thousands at a large event or distributing them individually door-to-door, another one of the advantages of a brochure is that they are a simple but effective way to target a specific group of people.
  • Capture Attention. Brochures are tangible, easy to share, and hard to discard. Customers are more likely to hang onto professionally designed brochures and sales materials. People are bombarded with electronic messages these days to the point that they are more likely to look through a brochure than to engage with a digital advertisement.
  • Cost-Effective. Brochures are a cost-effective marketing material. They can be printed in large quantities to bring down the cost and their versatility and shareability mean they often see more ROI per piece than any other print material.

Brochure Templates

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