The Advantages of a Print Catalog

Catalogs are an essential marketing tool that can be used to reach new customers and increase sales. Despite the rise in digital marketing, there are many benefits of using a high-quality printed catalog. Printed catalogs are more professional and impressive than digital versions. Printed catalogs can stand up to repeated usage and heavy handling. They also stand out. In a world where we’re all constantly bombarded by never-ending advertisements, receiving a curated catalog can feel like a breath of fresh air. 

Bulk, Short Run, and Variable Data Catalog Printing

We offer custom printed catalogs in numerous quantities and offer both personalized variable data printing as well as mass catalog production. Let’s explore some common options in more detail: 

  • Bulk catalog printing is when a large number of catalogs are printed at once on high-quality paper. The Printed Image recommends this option for businesses that plan to distribute their catalogs to a large number of catalog recipients.
  • Short-run catalog printing is when a catalog is printed in smaller numbers. This type of catalog printing saves businesses on the cost-per-unit fee because they are charged for fewer pages being printed. 
  • Variable data catalog printing allows businesses to have their catalogs customized according to each customer or from one catalog to the next. For example, businesses can have different catalogs printed for their male and female customers. This type of catalog printing is perfect for businesses that want to personalize their marketing. 

Custom Print Catalogs

Catalog printing services can help your business display its offerings in a stylish and professional manner. There are a variety of options to choose from when printing your catalog, including double-sided, full-color, glossy, matte, and silk finishes. 

Some of the common catalog sizes available for printing include: 

  • 5.5” x 8.5” — These are tall and slim catalogs, ideal for showcasing product images with enough space for a short description. These are often used by watch and jewelry companies.
  • 6” x 6” up to 6” x 9” — Square or rectangular-shaped catalogs. They are commonly used to describe low-volume products/services with minimal features.
  • 8.5” x 11 up to 9” x 12” —They’re most common among the clothing and apparel industries. 
  • 12” x 12” — Biggest standard size for catalogs. Used when featuring a large number of products/services. They’re able to hold more information on each (e.g. department store catalogs, supermarket catalogs). 

Catalog Mailing and Fulfillment Services

We can do more than just print your catalog. We can help get the final product into the hands of your customers! We offer direct mail marketing services along with warehousing and fulfillment solutions. 

At The Printed Image, we can mail catalogs to a mailing list that you have defined or help you build one from scratch. We can also manage fulfillment programs to ensure that catalogs are disbursed effectively to new stores or locations. 

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