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    Digital Color Copying

    Have high-quality color copies made fast at The Printed Image!

    Digital color copying is a process where digital images are reproduced onto paper. This is done by using a color copier, which uses a laser to scan an image and then transfer it to paper. The advantage of digital color copying is that it can be done quickly and easily, without the need for special inks or toners. It also allows for more accurate color reproduction than traditional methods.

    Digital printing uses a computer to control the printing process, which means that it can produce very accurate prints. This method is often used for business cards, photos, and other documents that need to be printed with precision.

    Digital color copying is a great way to produce high-quality color copies. This method uses a digital scanner to create an exact copy of the original document. The scanner captures all of the colors in the original document, which means that the copy will be just as vibrant and colorful as the original.

    Digital color copying is often used for marketing materials, such as flyers and brochures. It can also be used for creating copies of important documents, such as birth certificates or transcripts. In general, digital color copying provides a high-quality reproduction of an original document or image.

    Columbus Copy Services

    Our Copy Services Include:

    • Single copies
    • High-volume copies
    • Black and white copies
    • Color copies
    • Letter, legal, and ledger size
    • Single and double-sided copies
    • Multiple paper stock options
    • PDF and other document types supported
    • Copy from USB drive
    • Local delivery
    • Design services

    Choose from a wide array of paper stocks and sizes to customize your documents. Complete your order with the addition of finishing services such as:

    Whether you need a single copy of a report or several hundred sales documents for your convention, The Printed Image is the place to go for copies in Columbus, Ohio. Give us a call or simply just stop in to get your high-quality, digitally printed copies today!

    Cheap Color Copies in Columbus

    We’re able to provide some of the most competitive color copy prices around thanks to our in-house digital printing equipment. You won’t find better pricing for color copies in downtown Columbus! 

    The most common type of paper used for color copies is 20/50# Bond. This is your standard plain white copy paper. This paper is cheap and easy to find. Many copy shops use this paper as it is easy to work with and produces good color copies at a low cost.

    While standard copy paper is the most common choice, there are other types of paper that can be used for color copying. Some of these include cardstock, vellum, or even glossy photo paper. These papers may cost more than plain white paper, but they can produce a higher quality color copy.

    Copy Shop Conveniently Located in Downtown Columbus

    Our copy shop is conveniently located in downtown Columbus, Ohio. The Printed Image is located at 41 S. Grant Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43215, a block North of the main branch of the Columbus Library and Grant Hospital, and just minutes away from the Columbus College of Art and Design (CCAD) and Columbus State Community College (CSCC). We are located catty-corner to Capital University Law School. 

    State-of-the-Art Digital Printing Equipment

    The Printed Image has invested in the latest and greatest digital copying and printing technology. Our equipment is available in-house and helps deliver a wide array of digital print products quickly, including color copies, flyers, brochures, business cards, and more.

    Request a quote for color copies!

    In a world where image is everything, the Printed Image helps Columbus businesses look their best. Start your color copy project today by requesting a quote!