Reach Your Customers with Targeted Mailers

Our marketing knowledge and access to resources can provide the direct contact that increases your brand’s awareness and boosts sales. 

Whether you’re sending a simple sales letter, interesting, or an entire packet of information, we can turn your direct mail ideas into excellent results. You can personalize your campaign for each recipient, and we can analyze the results so you can fine-tune your marketing strategy as needed. 

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What Our Customers Say

I want to thank you for the quality of service you provided Morrow County Jobs & Family Services. We appreciate the customer service and quality of work you displayed throughout this process. We have received positive feedback from the youth of Morrow County on the products you provided in our re-branding effort. The level of detail you and your team provided demonstrates that you truly go all-out to provide 100% customer satisfaction.

Joe A. Byrne
E.D.G.E. Case Manager
Morrow County Jobs & Family Services

Why Is Direct Mail So Effective?

  • Customized list purchase. You can selectively target your audience, and get your message to parties who are interested in your company. With the right list, you won’t waste time sending mail to uninterested recipients. Target your mailing list by demographics, geography, or any other specifics, including buying cycles, holidays, etc. 
  • Personalized mailings. Personalize your mail by addressing them by name, speak to them on an individual basis, and appeal to their exclusive needs and interests by using variable data
  • Targeted messages. Direct mail pieces are focused on real prospects for your message, product, or service, so that money isn’t spent on pieces that go to everyone regardless of interest. 
  • Flexible advertising. Direct mail offers the flexibility to do advertising or other types of marketing, such as surveys, samples, and other things that can help you begin a relationship with a potential customer for life. 
  • Measurable results. Direct mail also offers more measurable results that are available almost immediately, allowing you greater and more responsive decision-making. 

Customer Engaging with Direct Mail Advertisement

Plan a Direct Mail Campaign that Delivers

We can create affordable direct mail marketing campaigns for your company, scalable to your time and budget. Our designers will work with you to develop the right marketing campaign for your business, and ensure that it meets USPS regulations. 

Once it’s printed and ready, we’ll take care of the folding, sealing, stamping, and mailing on schedule so that your campaign starts and arrives when it’s intended. We’ll also work to get you the best discounts on postage and mailing costs. 

Let The Printed Image be the one source your business needs for all of your direct mail and fulfillment services projects. Whether your project is large or small, and no matter how tight your deadline, we will work with you to assure that your campaign starts right every time. We are committed to your success and providing the very best service possible.

We Handle Everything from Design to Mailing

Our services are designed to help with any part of the direct mail and fulfillment process including: 

Cost-Effective Advertising

Direct Mail is one of the most impactful and cost-effective advertisement options available. Contact The Printed Image today at 614-221-1412‬ or use our online contact form to get in touch. You’ll find out how our direct mail and fulfillment services will help you reach the customers you need.

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