Your Source for Company Swag Stores

  • Our company storefront streamline ordering and distribution of your branded merchandise
  • We handle everything, from setting up your store to handling printing and shipping!
  • Supervisor approval can be required prior to ordering
  • Set up fillable templates to standardize ordering of items like business cards

A Custom Built Company Store That Saves You Time!

Let The Printed Image take some of the work off your plate! With our Online Ordering Storefront, employees can be responsible for ordering their own everyday printed needs, such as business cards, forms, kits, and inventoried items.

We will create your own ordering page and assign permissions as directed by you. Supervisor approval can be assigned to any employee that would require approval before the order can be placed. Fillable templates allow for easy ordering of business cards and a list of reports is at your fingertips.

Give us a call today at 614-221-1412 and learn more about how online company storefronts can make your life easier!

Consistency & Convenience Helps Further Your Brand

A branded company store is one of the fastest ways to get started when it comes to building a strong brand for your company. With a basic design and simple order process that allows you to quickly get merchandise in hand, an internal store can be an effective way to build staff loyalty and increase employee engagement.

Not only does this help with internal marketing, but it also communicates a commitment to quality and customer service, as well as a dedication to the success of your employees.

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